Group coaching

Discover the richness of my groups for highly sensitive, gifted, and talented adults. Joining one of my groups is experiencing authentic, deep, and transformative discussions! In a safe and caring environment, you can be fully yourself and celebrated for who you are.

Mastermind for atypical entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship being neurodiverse

Share and benefit from the intelligence, sensitivity, and experience of highly sensitive, gifted, and talented adults by joining a mastermind dedicated to atypical entrepreneurs. Be supported and understood in your entrepreneurial challenges and aspirations!

Sensitive & Talented Women group


Being a highly sensitive and gifted women

Created in 2021, Sensitive & Talented is a group dedicated to highly sensitive, gifted, and talented women. Over a period of 6 months, you benefit from a monthly two-hour meeting “a time to yourself to be yourself” with 6 to 10 extraordinary women.


“I really appreciated the group support, because the experience of each person sheds light on the experience of the others, it is very rich and the exchanges are very kind. I came out of these meetings supercharged and super happy.”

Rozenn Le Gal

“Talking with highly sensitive and gifted adults, in an exclusive group, with gifted who know about it, some of them for a long time, and whose relationship to the world is specific… This had never happened to me.”

Céline Nègre

“Sharing in a group has helped me to feel less alone and to recognise myself in the problems of others. By putting myself in their place to help them, I became aware that finally if I have the solution for the other person, perhaps I also have it for myself.”
Jeanne Linguinou

“The group dynamics fuelled my motivation and willingness to strive for a better version of myself.”
Rachid Drissi

Why join my group coaching?

  • My vision 

Through my way of seeing and talking about neurodiversity, I attract in my groups people who have an open and constructive look on their difference. There is no denial of the related challenges (yes, it is sometimes complicated and difficult), but a desire to better understand and accompany oneself in order to be oneself and to blossom.

  • My values

Every group coaching experience is aligned with my values and requires that – more than respecting them – you also embody them: caring, listening, confidentiality, sincerity and commitment! If these values are not yours, the group experience is not for you.

  • My posture

I don’t impose my truth on the group, because I don’t think I have it. I hold my truth and you hold yours. You understand that with this starting point, I do not put myself above the group. I play a role in facilitating exchanges to give space to our individual and collective wisdom.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an official IQ test to join the group?

I do not ask for an official WAIS test at the entrance. In order for the group dynamic to work, it is important that you are concerned with high sensitivity, giftedness, or multi-potentiality. I doubt you came across this page by chance 😉. The strength of the group, its success, and its coherence are ensured by the similarity of its members.

Is there individual coaching included in the group coaching?

Group coaching does not include individual coaching. However, like many of my clients, you can add personal coaching at the same time! It’s a perfect combination.

Is it better to do group or individual coaching?

These are two different (and complementary) approaches. It depends on what you are looking for. You join a group to benefit from the mirror effect (i.e. the fact that the other person reflects your own reality) as well as from the collective intelligence through several perspectives and interactions. You choose individual coaching, because you want highly personalised coaching and to have all my skills and expertise at your disposal.