The  mastermind dedicated to Highly Sensitive & Gifted entrepreneurs

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What is a mastermind of entrepreneurs?

The concept of mastermind comes from the USA. It was brought to light by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s after studying the success of 500 influential people. He found that they met regularly to discuss their activities. These business leaders had common goals: to support each other, to advance their ideas, to find solutions to their problems, and to grow their companies.

In addition, this creative cooperation allowed each participant to increase their energy, mental capacity, and creativity. According to Napoleon Hill, the performance of these millionaires is due to “the fact that they help each other and share their knowledge and expertise”.

The specificity of this mastermind of entrepreneurs is to bring together personalities, whose atypical way of functioning is similar. This innovative space has been created for Highly Sensitive (HSP) and Gifted entrepreneurs, who know that the transformation of their company depends on their own self-actualisation.

The features of the Highly Sensitive & Gifted mastermind

  • 6 online meetings of 2 to 3 hours maximum between January and June 2023 ;
  • a group of 6 HSP and gifted entrepreneurs for a unique and effective sharing;
  • a real commitment with defined actions following the session;
  • a dedicated Signal messaging group to keep participants connected between sessions.

Who is it for?

This group is for you if:

  • You are a Highly Sensitive or Gifted entrepreneur;
  • You are in a constant self-actualization process;
  • You want to be more fulfilled and aligned in your business;
  • You want to be surrounded by people who are like you.

This group is not for you if:

  • You are not a Highly Sensitive or Gifted entrepreneur;
  • You have not started a personal development journey;
  • You don’t want to commit yourself 100%;
  • You don’t want to share your expertise.

How to apply?

To join the Highly Sensitive & Gifted mastermind, I select the candidates in advance in order to create rich group cohesion. A questionnaire will be sent to you beforehand followed by an interview to be chosen. By clicking on “I apply”, you have access to the questions 😉

Course of the meetings

Before the session, which lasts 2 to 3 hours (depending on the number of participants), each person prepares a problem or an idea to submit to the group.

My tree-like thinking helps me to have 1000 ideas, but it is difficult to put them into practice;

Negative customer feedback hurts me and makes me doubt myself, how can I cope better emotionally and mentally?

I have a lot of trouble organising myself (especially because of my ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder), what are your solutions?

These are examples, you are free to bring the topic that is important to you and where you need help 😃

Each member is given time to present his or her topic and get feedback on its development. Everyone leaves with their actions for the month and progress will be shared in the messaging group. The mastermind will take place one Thursday a month at 2 pm CEST, or on Mondays at 8 pm CEST as a fallback solution (if no Thursday works for the group).

In order to spend a quality moment, during these exchanges I ask the participants to respect and embody the following values: kindness, listening, confidentiality, sincerity, and commitment.

The 3 main advantages of joining the mastermind

1. Meet entrepreneurs who are like you

Even in the way we grow our business, we can feel different! We feel out of step with our challenges, our needs, and desires, sometimes not accompanied in an appropriate way, nor well surrounded. Feeling understood is so valuable. You will be accepted with your particularities, recognised, and heard in your problems. You will benefit from powerful advice, you will participate in deep and relevant exchanges to progress in your projects.

2. Finding solutions to your entrepreneurial challenges

We all go through difficult times as entrepreneurs and you can get stuck for days on an issue. Many brains (and hearts!) are better than one. At these meetings, you will benefit from the expertise and experience of people who have been there and will help you find convincing solutions.

3. Honouring your commitments

You will be asked to present your challenges and analyse what worked and what did not. In this way, you commit to yourself and the other members in putting into practice the solutions brought during the exchanges. The objective is to motivate yourself and to move forward within a Highly Sensitive & Gifted family in a caring environment. In addition, sharing each other’s successes provides a dynamic for growth within the group.

What is the price?

The fee is 497 euros. It includes access to the 6 online meetings and the Signal exchange group during the 6 months.


“My Mastermind experience was magical, powerful, and beautiful.

I realised that I was not alone in thinking and living this way. The exchanges within the group, the vulnerability, the sensitivity, and the depth of the participants touched me.
I felt part of my tribe, and no longer out of step with my atypical functioning. A fluid and liberating energy made me get into action right after our exchange.
The “group” brings real support and positive challenge when one evolves in the world of entrepreneurship.

It is quite possible to let go of conditioning taken for granted since childhood, and to create a path of one’s own, to live differently: this mastermind and its members have brought this to light with strength and power. Thank you Gloria for this space, and for the wonderful leadership role you held in a gentle and caring way!”

Audrey Renu

“A big thank you Gloria for this adventure. It’s a really essential space, which I think is quite innovative. A big thank you to all of you for your open hearts, your intelligence, and your sharing.

Géraldine Jackson

“I trusted Gloria to know how to bring together people with different personalities and charisms who are moving in the same direction. It’s sometimes quite tricky to find people who understand us while being different and who have a genuinely entrepreneurial approach through personal development (…). Having tried different solutions, including monthly meetings, when people do not have the same sense of entrepreneurship or are not at the same “level” of personal progress, it does not work. I was looking for a working group that could really go in that direction to ask real questions, not just “what did you do this week?”

Caroline Desquet

“I love the cohesion of the group and what came out of it, which was incredibly rich for me, so thank you very much! Double thank you because Gloria you succeeded in a tour de force: succeeding in making each one speak, each one gives his answers, knowing that we all have 150 ideas per second while succeeding in timeboxing us with terrible efficiency and gentleness. Hats off to you. It’s powerful, I think, to offer this kind of experience to people who easily do 25 things at once and are unable to focus.”

Johanne Chickly