Sensitive & Talented

Are you a highly sensitive and gifted woman? Would you like to be surrounded by neurodivergent women with who you can be yourself and exchange in a caring way?


How does this work in practice?

  • This is a 2-hour online meeting, which takes place during the week, once a month for 6 months between June and November 2023 (i.e. a commitment for 6 meetings).
    • Days are defined based on the groups’ availability.
  • The themes are freely chosen at the beginning of the session according to your needs.
    • Examples of themes for discussion: finding your work-life balance, performance, and perfectionism, the intensity of emotions and high sensitivity, the way others look at you & the way you look at yourself, the integration of giftedness, patience, etc.
  • You also have access to a Signal group (free exchange application) where you can exchange between meetings.
  • You join a small group of 6 to 8 women (maximum).

Who is the group for?

“Sensitive & Talented” brings together highly sensitive and gifted women. The group is aimed at professional women (employed or as entrepreneurs), who are in a process of self-actualization in order to be more fulfilled and aligned in their lives.

What is the price?

The fee is 555 euros. It includes access to six two-hour meetings and the Signal exchange group.

How can I join the womengroup?

To join the next group of Highly Sensitive and Gifted women, register below. I’m currently opening registrations for September 2023!


“I loved meeting these beautiful women with such rich personalities. It blew my mind how this safe and caring environment allowed us to connect instantly with each other and within 4 minutes the discussions had already reached a delightful level of depth.
I found it very interesting, having just discovered my giftedness, to see what I had in common with them, but also what set us apart.”

Isabelle Pangault

“Thanks to the establishment of a caring framework and the validation of our brain and emotional similarity by the other women in this group, I have been able to accept myself deeply as an intelligent woman with autism, which has allowed me to embrace myself outwardly, with a deep acceptance for my functioning and limitations. I am different and connected, loved as I am. Thank you so much, Gloria.”

Tamara Laszlo

“This group is one of those that trigger the magic of the “group effect”. The foundation was there from the start: absolute gentleness, the authenticity of sharing, simplicity, and immediate understanding of explosive feelings. I was able to move towards the confirmation of my giftedness. The mirroring and contrasting effects are very powerful, and all the more effective because they were coupled with the discovery of the nuances of the giftedness in each person. The rest was natural: the emergence of themes at each session, the renewed surprise of shared experiences…”

Céline Nègre

“Thank you for these beautiful meetings! Wonderful, exceptional, extraordinary women who share their emotions with great sincerity. A space of freedom to express oneself, to listen, and above all to feel understood, and “normal” 😉 ! A meeting with strangers that we learn to know better to finally understand ourselves better!”

Jeanne Linguinou