Who am I? was one of my first questions.

I grew up in southwestern France to a German father and an Austrian mother. Being raised in three cultures has challenged my perceptions of my own identity from a very young age.

Who do I want to be?

What do I live for?

Reveal yourself

So far, the successive collapses of my professional and personal life have been the most difficult experiences. In less than a year, all my pillars of life (work, couple, place of living, etc.) have collapsed.

I could not start living again without a deep sense of meaning and a feeling that today, tomorrow, and the future were worth living. I realised how precious life is, and that you cannot waste it by not living your own. I learned that with difficulties comes growth. These experiences offer the opportunity for a new encounter with oneself – and this with the right professional support!

This is how I discovered coaching for myself. I then enrolled in a life coaching course in London. It was during the very first coaching session that it was obvious: Eureka! I had found a “job”, which corresponded fully with me and allowed me to express who I am. You can imagine the rest …

Creating a company was another story. Discovering a job (or several activities) that you are passionate about is one thing, turning it into a successful business is another! Entrepreneurship was a fantastic personal development accelerator.

In parallel, I discovered High Sensitivity, Giftedness, and neurodiversity in general. This was a shake-up, a new questioning of my identity and my perception of myself. It was new evidence: I had to share on this subject. I made it my specialty!

“Simply seek to be more yourself” was how one of my clients summed it up! The only encounter not to be missed is the one with oneself.


Coaching was a career change.

My background before:

  • Double French-German degree and a triple master’s at Sciences Po Bordeaux, the Institute of Social Sciences of Stuttgart, and the University of Law of Bordeaux;
  • Specialisation in cultural management to get closer to one of my passions: art;
  • Training in fundraising (philanthropy);
  • Head of Fundraising for cultural, social, and educational projects for the CAPC museum of contemporary art in Bordeaux in France, Emerson College in England, and the Byron Community Centre in Australia.


My career path after my professional transition:

  • Life coach training in London with Carole Ann Rice, a recognised English coach;
  • Program accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring;
  • Training in coaching gifted and talented adults with Fabrice Micheau, the French gifted expert;
  • Multiple training courses in entrepreneurship (NeuroBusiness School, Financial Intelligence, Human Design & Genes Keys in Business, etc.);
  • Member of the HPI Talents international network of certified gifted professionals
  • Participant in GHF, American group on Neurodiversity (gifted and twice-exceptional).