Find Create your professional path as a highly sensitive & gifted person

Stop over adapting yourself for the needs of the job market, identify your talents, what you really want and dare to go for it!

I came to “solve a short-term problem” (change jobs, live more serenely in my current job). I came out of the coaching with long-term ideas to transform my professional career. It’s a much more profound revolution than I expected!

Clémentine Daubeuf

As a highly sensitive, multipotential & gifted person, it is quite possible that you feel that your operating mode does not fit with the work world:

✔️ I’m too sensitive and take things too much to heart, it impacts my private life
✔️ I can’t find any meaning in my work when everyone else thinks it’s OK (am I the problem?)
✔️ I go too fast and feel that my thinking is upsetting my colleagues or even my boss
✔️ I can’t act when it’s not in line with my values, it’s V-I-S-C-E-R-A-L (my stomach hurts)
✔️ I get bored after a few months, as soon as I’ve got the hang of it, and wonder if I’ll have to change jobs again (I’m told I’m ‘unstable’). I don’t know how to manage my CV anymore.

Since this realisation, you tell yourself that potentially you are the problem.
You tried to accept and adapt to the world of work as it was, but it didn’t work. Stomach ache is still there.

You’ve talked to your management to try to improve things, but nothing happens.

You hear yourself going on and on about the same problems with your colleagues. Your friends and spouse can’t take it anymore and haven’t been able to help you out of the situation. It’s normal, it’s not their job, and they don’t necessarily think it could be different! Work = effort, toil, obligation, even stress, in the collective imagination.

However, driven by their aspirations, their values, the search for meaning & impact, neurodivergent people are the most likely to create a passion job.

Boredom, the feeling of not fitting in with one’s environment and suffering should not be a normality “to be accepted”.

I remember that month of May 2017. I had been trying to renew myself at work for a year (in concrete terms, I was inventing new missions). Furthermore, I had just about managed to deal with toxic management, but it was clearly weighing on me emotionally. I felt that something was wrong.

This became apparent when I wanted to organise a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday. This was exhausting for me, when usually it would have been fun. My body gave out a few days later. Diagnosis: professional burnout.

I was shocked, too young to be “there yet”.  After taking some time to recharge my batteries, I quit my job. I had been thinking for some time that there had to be a job that was more ‘me’.

I dared to take the plunge, to go in search of myself, to get to know myself better in order to understand my desires and my talents.

It was the encounter with a coach that was decisive and accelerated the process of seeing myself differently and the world of possibilities. I looked for jobs that were more in line with my personality until I enrolled in a coaching training. The first session as a coach was a eureka moment: I had found a natural, easy, fulfilling and impactful profession! Since then, at the end of each coaching session (even today), I appreciate the chance I have created for myself: the chance to enjoy my “work”. My sensitivity has become an asset, and my values are honoured.

I deeply desire that you live it too.

To accompany you on your way to professional fulfilment, I take you gently through 3 steps:

  1. Identify your pleasure & genius zone (we are interested in this junction)
  2. Release your cognitive & emotional blocks (that voice that says: this is not possible!)
  3. Fluidify & align your action towards your desired life

Book an appointment to release your true desires & talents and finally create a career path that fits you.


“My coaching with Gloria has been an intense personal and professional adventure. Gloria is an inspiring woman thanks to her advice, her sympathetic listening, her insight, and her incredible kindness. I experienced this coaching process as a gift. Gloria taught me to go beyond my limiting beliefs to see bigger, to imagine success as a reality, the one of tomorrow, and to find meaning in order to fully accomplish myself with my strengths and weaknesses. Beyond the professional development, Gloria allowed me to accept to see the person I am, thanks to a journey around introspective tools, which allowed me to make giant steps and understand my functioning. After six sessions, I came out grown-up, solid, and aware that progressing requires patience and a form of resilience to be a full actor in my journey, despite my fears and difficulties. Thank you again, Gloria.”
Séverine Baruet

“Coaching with Gloria is very empowering. She is a great listener and very caring, which makes you feel at ease and fully involved in the coaching work. I really enjoyed my various sessions which helped me to see more clearly my career transition while supporting me in my current work. After each session, I was full of hope and gratitude for Gloria and her coaching, and with goals, allowing me to move forward and always be in action. I am completely satisfied with this coaching and will not hesitate for a second to start this process again to remove any blocks I may have.”

Anaëlle Roucou

“In a period of professional transition and review of my lifestyle and rhythm, the coaching sessions allowed me to identify my real desires. I learned to listen to them and take responsibility for my future choices, without fear of disappointment. I really enjoyed the spaces of free discussion with Gloria, always in kindness and without judgment, with whom I felt fully confident. She was able to guide me in this phase of reflection and questioning, gave me keys to understanding my own ways of working that were useful to me in my relationships with others, and allowed me to change my perspective on some traits of my personality. Gloria has been a great help in embarking on this personal journey, additionally showing me that it is possible to act daily to change certain ways of doing, being, and thinking, even if they are deeply ingrained.”
Marion Douchin

“The first contact I had with Gloria immediately convinced me that she was the person I wanted as my coach, her beautiful energy, gentleness, intelligence, and finesse made her the ideal coach. My intuition did not deceive me! We managed to achieve my goals and went even further. Her listening and her method allowed me to gain self-confidence and to get out of a paralysing situation, both professional and personal. She helped me to regain faith in the future and a strong desire to project myself. I understood that any change comes through action and that every step counts. All the exercises she suggested are keys that I use preciously every day. Thank you, Gloria, for the life change you have enabled for me.”

Joanna Thibout-Calais