Become a confident & aligned entrepreneur

Discover an experience of 31 short videos for multipotentialite, highly sensitive, and gifted entrepreneurs.


Are you at the heart of your business?

Does your entrepreneurial attitude lead you to success?

These are two key questions that I suggest you explore through multiple approaches in order to connect to your atypical potential.

The videos bring you an original and instructive perspective on key issues.

  • finding your professional & personal balance,
  • connecting to your intuition,
  • the keys to success & questions to ask yourself,
  • getting through your intense emotions (fear, doubt!),
  • creating communication that reflects you,
  • nourish your self-confidence…

Each video lasts between 1 and 6 minutes to inspire you, motivate you, challenge you, and reconnect you to yourself with small exercises or reflections.

What is the basis of your company’s success?

The success of your atypical business is directly linked to your ability to connect to your universe, your creativity, and your intuition while transforming the mental & emotional blocks that necessarily appear when you grow your business!

I don’t bring you any ready-made solution, I invite you through the videos to go and look for, unblock, and experience yours in resonance. It will necessarily be right for you.

How does the experience work?

Once you have completed the payment, you will receive access to the 31 videos, which you can discover at your own pace. Under each video, there is a comment section where you can share and exchange with other participants.


“A beautiful way to connect to your world and extract its definition ✨ thanks!”
Céline Moncalvo

“Thank you Gloria Jensen for this video which makes me realise that I don’t spread myself so thinly in my different areas of activity! In the end, it’s only one facet of this personality so … I am discovering myself little by little with this new information and your videos are very helpful. Thank you very much “
Céline Femenia

“This video will help me rethink how I can position myself and what I can contribute. Thank you”

Maud Bailhache

“Thank you Gloria Jensen for your lively, authentic and powerful approach. Your videos allow me to bring structure and to better focus my momentum, my ideas… There is no doubt that your video and your intervention are excellent.”
Valérie Sarrade