How to take care of your energy?

Understand your energy losses, and have keys & tools to navigate with its oscillations.


How do I act (or not) when my energy is low?

How can I support energy fluctuations?

How to recharge my emotional battery?

This conference about energy will allow you to both develop your self-awareness and boost your energy for your well-being.

It will be effective if you are ready to adopt a new perspective and test slight modifications to your daily life.

It is adapted for Gifted and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). It responds to your intellectual needs (to be nourished!) and emotional needs (to feel understood, soothed, and to take care of yourself).


“I took part in my first conference with Gloria, on the theme of energy. This is already a key topic that speaks to me and makes sense to me, which is why I wanted to participate. During this time of exchange, Gloria shared with humility and accuracy how she lives with energy, how she perceives it, and how it manifests itself in her, thus leading the participants to question their own way of dealing with energy. This conference was vibrant, rich, and instructive when one has at heart, as I do, to understand who we are and how we can progress to better live our lives. A big thank you, Gloria.”

Séverine Baruet

“I found the content of this conference captivating and directly related to my experience, thus tailored to my neurodivergent profile. I am looking forward to discovering the following themes that will be proposed by Gloria 😊 “

Sophie Guillory