How to determine giftedness?

Ever since you discovered the existence of giftedness, you have been asking yourself: am I gifted? It’s a recurring question and you want to gain clarity!


If the term “gifted and talented” seems rather difficult to swallow, you are confused by the description of this functioning which speaks to you a lot.

You have read several articles on the subject, gone into detail with a specialised book, or heard someone concerned talk about it. However, on your own, it is not easy to make progress with the subject. You find it difficult to sort through all the information you have been given. Perhaps you don’t dare go to a psychologist for a WAIS IQ test (this has a cost too).

There is an ambivalence in you between the desire to know more (the subject calls you) and an internal resistance (who do you think you are?!).

Is this your case?

My training “How to determine giftedness” was made for you.

I found myself at that moment, very alone, discovering the subject with no one to talk to. It was not easy: between the fashion effect, the mockery, and the potential shame of considering it and not being concerned, I was blocked. I would have loved to have had a conference, which would have put everything down, addressed my fears, and shown me the different options for validating giftedness (as well as the points to watch out for!!). In short, to have the view of a gifted expert. A better understanding of giftedness & its validation, beyond a list and a test, would have saved me a lot of thinking and emotions.
My journey has been a rocky one, which allows me today to accompany with accuracy the great emotionality associated with it.

NB: This content represents the first step in living well with giftedness: validating it. The second is the integration of giftedness and the third is finding alignment. My methodology is based on these 3 steps: Validation, Integration, and Alignment!

Join me for the first step of validation!