The Gifted Interview

Thank you for sharing your experience of (your) giftedness to help others!


Why is this interview important?

The subject of Giftedness is close to my heart, and in particular awareness and education to help more gifted people in their journey (self-knowledge & self-actualisation).

It is with this in mind that I have created the Gifted Interview, completed by gifted and talented adults.

The intention is to :

  • give visibility and convey a positive image of giftedness (it is not a pathology). One can be happy and gifted.
  • to give a voice to men and women (ideally, a woman hands over to a man for the next interview and vice versa)
  • to have a diversity of professions in the respondents (not only coaches and therapists)

    Discover & share diverse perspectives

    In short, I wish diversity (male/female, profession, culture) in the respondents, and a positive, inspiring, and respectful look (for typical & atypical functioning).

    To see examples, click HERE! 😃

    After publishing the interview, I ask you to share it via your social networks, with your community. I will do this via my Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube networks.

    The written interview process

    1. Answer the questions in the questionnaire

    2. Return the completed questionnaire with your photo

    On my Email Address : [email protected]

    🙏 THANK YOU! 🙏