Transform your scenario to fulfill your potential

Would you like to learn how to live well with your intense emotions and mind in order to put them at the service of your life projects (and your own well-being!)?

“This program leads you to an awareness of yourself and your own ability to transform yourself to live the life you desire.”

What myth am I living?

It is this myth, this story that is told inside you (the scenario!), that blocks you. The problem is that there is also a web of beliefs (we all have them!), often unconscious, that limit you…

It’s about…








Why is this essential?

Without this inner work, to understand our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, we remain at the mercy of external events and are ill-equipped to create the life we deeply desire. We become our own obstacles.

Each coaching session confirms to me that if you know how to welcome your emotions and transform your way of thinking, you will be able to navigate through your life toward your desired destination. That’s why I created this program so that you arrive well-equipped at your destination 😊

NB: I don’t know of any other program so far, that digs into these 3 facets of our inner self (thoughts, emotions & beliefs) and therefore allows you to fully own your mindset for your well-being and fulfillment.

“I have difficulty identifying emotions, it’s not easy for me. In the past, my emotions were not understood, I was made to feel that it was too much or not appropriate. In fact, I am afraid of being judged for my emotions. So I tend to put my emotions in a box, also because I am afraid of them. Finally, I learned not to listen to them. My emotions have become like proof of weakness.”

I regularly hear this ☝️ in coaching highly sensitive, gifted, and multipotentialite. I understand them! Identifying, understanding, and welcoming your emotions in a kind way is not natural, even less so when you have been made to feel too much or denied the legitimacy of your feelings. As a result, you can end up associating emotion with weakness (a nice belief in the collective unconscious!). Fortunately, the way we look at emotions is gradually changing and the way you experience them can change too!

Your emotions are precious and not a “problem to be solved”.

You can learn to live your emotions well!
When we live our emotions well, we can also benefit from them: they become a guide (when we are lost or have arrived where we did not want to, it is often because we did not listen to them or understand them!)

This program will enable you to become emotionally and mentally agile.


This programme will enable you to:

  • Understand how your brain works so that it can serve you (beyond the mindset, you will learn the “brainset”)

  • Change your negative thoughts & anchor the positive

  • Welcome and understand your emotions (emotional intelligence)

  • Have more and longer lasting pleasant emotions

  • Become aware of and transform the beliefs that limit your achievement

How does the coaching work?

Once you have registered, you have access to content in form of videos, audios and PDFs that you can discover at your own pace and independently. I estimate that the programme will take at least 14 weeks to complete.
At the same time, you benefit from 12 individual coaching sessions, which take place approximately every fortnight (we adapt to your needs). The support therefore lasts 6 months (depending on the spacing of the sessions). A follow-up tool is also used between the coaching sessions.

What is the content?

The program is a combination of theory and practice with:

  • fundamental knowledge about our functioning

    • if you like learning, you’ll enjoy it!

  • tools and exercises to help you transform the internal scenario that is playing out inside you

    • you will meet yourself in a new way!

Is this for you?

The program is for you if:

  • you like to do introspective work
  • you want to make regular time for your personal development
  • you want to gift yourself and take your life to the next level

This program is not for you if:

  • you are not ready to make time for yourself
  • you are not ready to take responsibility for your own path
  • you see yourself as a victim rather than a creator of your life


“I recommend this program to everyone who aspires to be/live fully who they really are. In the intensity, the particularity, the gentleness of their deepest being to first understand, then accept, transform themselves if necessary and finally love themselves. This program does good to the deepest part of oneself, even where one did not think one could go ;)!!!”


“Gloria kept her promise: today I am fulfilled by transforming my scenario! Thanks to this magnificent program I am more and more in alignment with my values, my desires, and my aspirations = with myself! I simply know myself better! My thoughts, my emotions, and my beliefs are much more conscious and I train myself to let go of those that are not pleasant and to value and reinforce those that lead me to happiness. It is a daily training and gymnastics of the mind and this program brings a personal line of conduct that allows me to be always motivated for change because it is really possible! With the awareness, the knowledge, the theory, the exchanges, and the practice, this program is the best ally for personal development! Kindness, Patience, Constancy = Alignment, Sustainability, Happiness! Thank you, Gloria! “

Jeanne Linguinou

“My case is a bit special. I progressed in two stages. The absorption of the material transmitted and the advice given allowed me to become aware of a series of aspects of my functioning. The maceration and my own natural rhythm of digestion of this program allowed me then to clarify and “clean” certain aspects of my life that prevented me from going forward. Undoing certain energetic ties. I can only recommend this program with its rich, dense, and relevant content. Thank you for all this kindness and this transmission, which continues to this day. The connection is still there and is being maintained with a master’s hand.

Rachid Drissi

“I am so grateful for your work and what you produce. It’s very much like you, authentic and you can feel it when people listen to you and read you. Your coaching has empowered me. I developed my confidence in myself, in others, and in life. The program is very rich, very complete, and very interesting.
Gloria is very attentive and demanding in her questioning. You feel confident and not judged. Her professional and external view of my high sensitivity as well as a positive and trusting approach helped me to change my view of myself. Thank you again!”

Benoît Bouvatier