Leading with your vision & mission and serving with your heart

Do you have an existing business or an Idea/passion/talent that you want to take online? Discover an 8-step programme to develop your entrepreneurial strategy.

Your vision, mission and desires are your guides

I want you to start off on the right foot and get to where I am faster without thinking you only have one option. It’s your business!

When it comes to actually do it, you start to feel a bit stuck, maybe lost, or even overwhelmed by the different things you read or hear about having a successful online business.
Doubt then sets in and you wonder if you can really do it. Does it speak to you?

I can imagine how you might feel because I remember it all too well. I spent hours understanding things, bits, and pieces of information, but I lacked the overall strategy (the foundations!). I struggled to learn how to run my business online.

Develop a business that is really you

Before I go any further, I want to be clear:

It’s not about:

• deciding for you what to do. You are the boss and you are doing the work;

• a tutorial on how to use social networks;

• a course on how to create a website (or other technology-related issues).

It’s about:

• helping you to see the bigger picture and put the pieces of your puzzle together

• gaining clarity and direction by reducing your questioning phase

• encouraging you to take targeted and appropriate action!

How does the program work?

• I teach you the strategy through training in 8 fundamental steps (to discover at your own pace)

• You have exercises to help you turn what you learn into action

• You create your plan and I help you report on it via a follow-up document

• You get 12 individual coaching sessions to get you unstuck (to be used according to your needs)

• The videos are in English. The coaching can be in English, French, or German (whatever you prefer)!


“I would’ve been lost in information overload and analysis paralysis trying to find my way if I had been trying to start my business all by myself. I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to build it. There is no way I could’ve built an online business, stayed connected to authentic myself while juggling being a new mother with blended family dynamics to support at home too. Let alone do all that part-time, if it weren’t for the structure and relevant exercises and especially the insightful support from your coaching Gloria, thank you!”
Adrienne Tilley

“Gloria thank you so much for your fantastic videos. It’s been incredibly helpful, it provides me with a much-needed structure and methodology. It’s also very inspiring.

> My main results?

Motivation, Clarity, Confidence.”

Sophie Baron

“Grow Online is a comprehensive course for anyone wanting to start or develop their online business. I found it clarifying, informative, and helpful.

> My 3 main results?

1. A comprehensive overview
2. Implementing my knowledge and growing my online courses
3. Shifting my business model”

Philip Kidson

Thank you, Gloria, for this really great program. I was feeling connected and could understand everything really well. It did help and motivate me a lot. I was sad when it was over and wished it would have gone longer. Really good.

> My 3 main results?

Knowledge, the joy in what I am doing, the actual step in teaching yoga.”

Annika Niessen